आपले दुसरे घर मयूर कृषी पर्यटन केंद्र मोराची चिंचोली मध्ये आपले स्वागत आहे.
  Due to rapid climatic change and human interference into Natural ecosystem you hardly get any weekend gateway near Pune and Mumbai, Morachi Chincholi is the where you can see lots of Peacocks which is our National bird and World famous Pot-holes at Nighoj & lots more destinations nearby. you can enjoy various activities at Mayur Krushi Paryatan Kendra and Make your Picnic near Pune and Mumbai memorable.

If you are searching for best picnic spot near Pune and Mumbai then Chincholi Morachi Mayur Krushi Paryatan is best choice for you to see Dancing peacocks, Peacocks dancing from month of May to November of every year so this period is best to watch dancing peacocks.

Morachi Chincholi is situated 55 Km from Pune and 26 Km from Rajgurunagar, It is 18 Km from Shikrapur; you need to search Mayur Krushi Paryatan chincholi Morachi on google map to get direction or click here and below to get shortest route to chincholi Morachi.  

Route I
Take Pune-Ahemadnagar highway and travel to Shikrapur, for a distance of 30 kms.
» After Shikrapur, take a left turn to Kanhur phata travel to kanhur Mesai village.
» Kanhur Mesai village 17 kms from the turn.
» From Kanhur Mesai to Morachi Chincholi the distance is approx. 3 kms.
» Total driving distance is approx. 30-35 km
Route 2 :
» Take Pune-Nagar highway and travel to Shikrapur, 30 kms.
» Turn to Malthan phata.
» Take left turn at Malthan phata and travel straight to Ganegaon distance of 8 kms.
» You need to take another left turn from Ganegaon and travel straight to Morachi Chincholi – Ukirde vasti Mayur krushi paryatan 9 km
Welcome to Chincholi Morachi Please click below for your quick route.

chincholi route
Route to Chincholi Morachi Mayur Krushi Paryatan Kendra from Pune

chincholi morach
Route to Chincholi Morachi Mayur Krushi Paryatan Kendra from Lonavla,Mumbai

morachi chincholi way
Route to Chincholi Morachi Mayur Krushi Paryatan Kendra from AhmedNagar






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